Samurai Experience― A Samurai experience that can only be had here ―Samurai Theater Tokyo Shinjuku

Samurai Experience

A Samurai experience that can only be had here

Experience the
Samurai in Tokyo

Would you like to experience the Samurai experience you have always dreamed of?

Have you ever wanted to wear a samurai costume and swing a sword to fight? Have you ever wanted to experience cutting things with a real Japanese sword?Your wish will come true here! Since you have come all the way to Japan, we invite you to experience the Samurai culture!

Experience the Samurai

Best Samurai Experience

Very popular experience

He changes into a samurai costume and wields a sword!Would you like to become the Samurai of your dreams?

After learning basic sword usage such as how to draw, hold, swing, and deliver a sword, we will practice simple chanbara. At the end of the class, you will kill the villain played by the Samurai to the music! You can freely take pictures of the scene with your smart phone.

  • ・One person can also join the tour.
  • ・Same-day reservations are also possible.
Japanese sword cutting experience

Japanese Sword Cutting Experience

Ultimate Samurai Experience

Have you ever wanted to try a real Japanese sword like in the movie The Last Samurai?

A qualified instructor will guide you safely and carefully, so please feel free to participate in the trial.